Sunday , February 17 2019

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Stress, Inflammation and Heart Health

What’s the connection between stress, inflammation and your heart? Stress can be physical, environmental, mental, emotional and spiritual—anything that causes stress—even in those who believe they function best under stress or who deny feeling stressed at all—all stress can damage your health. Stress—especially chronic stress—induces the release of cortisol—aptly called …

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Junk Yard Fries

Ingredients Marinade for Crockpot Chicken: 1-2 chicken breasts cut into pieces½ c. onion (chopped)Juice from 1 lime1/2 t. coconut sugar (optional)1/2 t. chili powder1/4 t. cumin1/4 t. paprika1/4 t. garlic powder1/4 t. sea saltdash black pepper Fries: 3-4 washed raw sweet potatoes-sliced into fries (Skin on OK)4 slices turkey bacon-chopped …

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Heart Healthy Exercise

The heart is a muscle—and as with any muscle, the heart can benefit from exercise. We all hear how important it is to stay active—but are all exercises “created equal” when it comes to your heart? Should everyone perform some form of exercise? Let’s take the second question first—everyone should …

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