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Hash and Eggs

(Try breakfast for dinner)


1-2 T. Avocado Oil
4-5 small red potatoes-sliced thin
½ c. cooked turkey sausage (or other meat)-optional
1 c. mushrooms-sliced
½ c. banana peppers-sliced
½ c. onion-sliced thin
1 t. seasoned salt
2 c. spinach-chopped
4 eggs


  1. In a large skillet heat oil.
  2. Add potatoes to skillet, cover and cook 10 minutes turning once after 5 minutes
  3. Add sausage, mushrooms, peppers, onion and seasoning, cook 5 minutes or until all vegetables are tender.
  4. Stir in spinach and make 4 holes for eggs
  5. Crack eggs into skillet and reduce heat to low
  6. Cover and cook eggs 3-4 minutes or until whites are set and yolks are thick (not hard)
  7. Season with salt and pepper

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